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Because some students put as much time into Speech and Debate as they would if they were taking another whole class, Speech and Debate has been authorized by both high schools to grant Independent Study Credit (ISC) to students meeting certain requirements. No formal application process is involved.  Credit is awarded each semester, and ALL activities must be fulfilled within a semester to earn credit. Activities are not transferable to other semesters. Independent Study credit shows up as 5 units of Independent Study Speech and Debate and is only graded as Pass/Fail. Students who commit disciplinary violations may be ineligible for credit. Any student fulfilling the requirements will be automatically granted ISC.

If you are a current high school student, please login to see your ISC status for the current semester, or to submit your tournament recaps for credit.

There are FOUR components to Independent Student Credit:

1. Practice Attendance

Students must attend a minimum of 12 meetings each semester. For students who are part of leadership, attendance at all-leader meetings will be counted toward this amount.

2. Tournament & Event Participation

Students must participate in at least 12 rounds of tournament competition each semester or complete the requirement through one of the following approved substitutions. Students must submit all of their tournament rounds or substitute activities toward Independent Study via this recap form. Please note that any asynchronous competition for which the student recorded a performance counts for the same number of rounds as the number of videos that were specifically recorded for the competition.

Approved Substitutions

  • Judging tournament rounds on behalf of novice students or middle school students. Each judged round counts for 1/3 of a competed round. Judged rounds may not be substituted for more than three total competed rounds.
  • Observing tournament rounds. Each observed round counts for 1/4 of a competed round. Observed rounds may not be substituted for more than three total competed rounds. You cannot claim more than three observed rounds at a tournament you are also competing or judging at. You cannot claim the same round as a judging and an observed round or a competed and an observed round--these should be rounds in which your ONLY role was observation.
  • Coaching YFL. Each YFL practice coached counts for 1/3 of a competed round. YFL practices may not be substituted for more three total competed rounds.
  • Attending extra practices. Each practice over 12 counts for 1/4 of a competed round. Extra practices may not be substituted for more than three total competed rounds.

3. Work Product

In the course of submitting recaps, students must engage in at least two activities for which material work products can be submitted.

  • Students with prepared documents (prepared speeches, LD/PF cases, etc) shall submit at at least one such document per activity
  • Students without prepared documents (spontaneous speech, parliamentary debate, judging or observing rounds) shall submit scans/photocopies of tournament round flows or notes labeled with dates and locations. Judges may also submit the texts of their Reasons for Decision (RFDs) from the tournament.
  • Students engaged in coaching activities shall submit at least one piece of curriculum or lesson planning that they materially participated in creating or editing.

4. Preparation & Participation

Students must appropriately engage both within practice and in at-home preparations. Coaches will sign off that students met their expectations for in-practice behavior and preparatory work.

  • Estimated to be a minimum of 50 hrs. per semester.
  • Adequate preparation and practice participation will be verified by the coach(es) for each event.
  • Each coach will set clear standards for evidence of preparation.
  • Some events may require homework.


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