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Membership Requirements 

  1. Academic Eligibility. Students are expected to adhere to regular school policies for club participation
  2. Conduct. Team members are expected to adhere to a Code of Conduct, to follow team policies, and to behave responsibly. All team members are held to the Code’s standards, whether or not they have signed it.
    • Conduct at tournaments, team meetings and all other team-sponsored activities, including the Youth Forensic League, is governed by school policies and team policies
    • Online conduct, especially in team Facebook groups or slack channels, is governed by school and team policy.
    • Refer to the Disciplinary Violations bylaw for consequences of violations.
  3. Forms. Students should fill out all required forms with their families 

Courtesy Expectations

  1. Attendance. Team members are expected to attend team meetings regularly. Members are held responsible for information disseminated at meetings. 
  2. Preparation. Team members are expected to spend break-out time engaged in preparing for competition.
    • Prepared pieces should be well-memorized at least two team meetings in advance of competition.
    • Debate cases and Congress speeches must be written at least two meetings prior to competitions.
    • Failure to prepare properly may be grounds for denying a student the ability to compete at their chosen tournaments. If a late drop is required, the student's family will be responsible for the fee.
  3. Dropping Tournaments. Any student who drops late from a tournament must reimburse the team for all expenses incurred on his or her behalf, including tournament entry fees and their share of lodging costs and judge expenses, as applicable.

Safety Expectations

  1. Registration. Students must always register for tournaments as MVLA sanctioned entries. Students at tournaments will always have approved chaperons.
  2. Missing school. When tournament participation requires students to miss school, they are required to inform their teachers.
  3. Arriving at the tournament. Competitors should arrive at the tournament at least 30 minutes before their first scheduled round. Upon arriving, team members must check in with the Coach of the Day, either in person or by phone. Failure to do so may result in restrictions on future tournament attendance.
  4. Going off-campus. Any student going off campus (e.g., for lunch) must always go with a coach or an adult chaperon. The Coach of the Day should always be notified in these cases.
  5. Leaving the tournament. Student well-being is the responsibility of the team chaperon (Coach of the Day) from the time students arrive and check in until students leave the tournament. Students may not leave the school campus at any time during a tournament without checking out with the Coach of the Day. In case of emergency (e.g., a student becomes ill and has to leave the tournament), please be sure to check out with the Coach-of-the Day.
  6. Away Tournaments. In addition to the usual tournament procedures and rules, we have some special requirements when we stay in a hotel.
    • Students may not have members of the opposite sex in their hotel rooms with doors closed. Team members may, with adult chaperone permission, work in a mixed gender group in a hotel room with the door propped open.
    • Students are expected to be timely in arriving to leave for the tournament site

Parent Requirements

  1. Parents (or other adults) are usually needed as judges at tournaments. If no parent can ever be available to judge, we ask that you look for a friend or family member who can judge on your family’s behalf. 
    • Parents should plan to judge a full day for every 2 days their student competes, or 1⁄2 day for every day the student competes.
    • We will make accommodations for students who do not have a parent available to judge on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Student transportation to and from tournaments is the responsibility of the families. Please arrange to have students picked up promptly following Speech and Debate events (team meetings as well as tournaments).
  3. Parents are asked to help students plan ahead for competition dates in order to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  4. Parents are needed to fulfill various volunteer positions with the team. Please look at our volunteer opportunities to see if there is something you can help with!


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