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Only do to others that which could be conceived as a universal law followed by all.

Article I:

This document is the constitution for the MVLA Speech and Debate club. Our club empowers students to explore their own voice, develop critical thinking skills, and become confident public speakers. The team facilitates high school competition on the local and national circuits.

Article II:

Meetings will be held once a week for 2 hours in the Mountain View High School library each Wednesday night from 7 pm to 9 pm. Work sessions for each event will take place in separate classrooms after a general team meeting each night. Each breakout group will have a coach or other adult working with and supervising students.

Article III:

The Club Officers are:

President: Javin Pombra

Vice President: Maya Sanghavi and Eunice Yang

Secretary: Amira Patrawala

YFL Committee: Sophia Hwang, Emma Kwan, Josh Hejna, Jia Seow

Public Relations Committee: Sophia Hwang and Nathan Huang

Social Chair: Annemarie Foy

Article IV:

The Club President will have the following responsibilities:

  • Presides over announcements and business at start of weekly team meetings
  • Attends ASB meetings for his/her school
  • Communicate with the High School (i.e., Club Arena, Budget, COPS meetings)
  • Fill out/convey all necessary paperwork requirements mandated by the High School
  • Fund-raiser liaison for leis (if not a senior)
  • Public face of the team—speaks on team’s behalf as required
  • Devises team processes as needed (e.g., committees)
  • Organizes Fall recruitment of new students (may be done in conjunction with PR Coordinator)


The Vice President will have the following responsibilities:

  • Assist in creating agendas for each meeting
  • Attend all COPS meetings
  • Fill out club paperwork for Mountain View High School
  • Ensure that all MVHS Club requirements are met
  • Renew club application for MVHS at the end of the year
  • Fulfills President’s duties when President is unavailable


The Secretary will have the following responsibilities:

  • Keep track of attendance to weekly meetings
  • Assist head coach with determining eligibility for Independent Study Credit


The YFL Committee (4 people) will have the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain communication with YFL sponsors at the above schools
  • Organize a YFL tournament at the end of the year
  • Recruits team members to coach middle school students
  • Coordinates with teacher sponsors at Blach, Egan, Graham, and Crittenden to set up middle school meeting dates and times for spring semester “season”
  • Provides team member coaches with lesson plans and other training materials


Public Relations/Recruitment (PR) Coordinator shall have the following responsibilities:

  • Organizes Fall recruitment of new students (may be done in conjunction with team President)
  • Coordinates yearbook requests for photos
  • Encourages inclusion of S&D articles in the Talon and/or Oracle
  • Works with the appropriate adult to publicize S&D successes (e.g., announcements at the schools)
  • Usually part of the Showcase Committee

Article V:

The club will hold the election of the club president once a year, two meetings before the re-registration packet is due. Students wishing to be any of the other officers will fill out an application and will be chosen by the club’s head coaches. Officers for the new year will be announced at the last meeting of the year. Voting will be in the form of anonymous ballots.

Article VI:

In order to have the constitution amended, all club officers and the majority of the club members must be present. We will notify the COPS Commissioner of any updates.

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