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The Program

Who We Are

A collection of speakers/debaters, grades 9-12, who offer their debating skills and insight to aspiring middle schoolers who wish to develop their abilities in communication, argumentation, world literacy, and more.

Our Services

After registering online to learn with a tutor, we will direct parents to our session registration page, where you can select times to learn with a tutor/tutors of your choice. We distinguish our tutors based on time availability and interests/strengths in various subjects, including:

  1. History and World Issues
  2. Research and Bias
  3. Communication and Public Speaking
  4. Writing and Argument Formation
  5. Narrative and Essay-Writing

Our Goal

Due to the current situation, most of our fundraising opportunities are lost, and we are losing more than 10k in annual donations. Our nonprofit booster handles our donations because the team receives little funding from the district past coach salaries. Financial aid for team members, coach salaries for tournaments, and other costs are borne by the team and thus we need to fundraise to keep the team running.


$20 for 1 session

$70 for 4 sessions

$140 for 8 sessions

Sign-Up Links:

Interested 3rd-5th graders sign up here!

Interested Middle Schoolers sign up here!

Interested Tutors sign up here!

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