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For Community Members

Volunteers are integral to the success of the MVLASD. Our team was founded by volunteers, and of the 3000-4000 adult work hours that go into the team each year, approximately 70% are unpaid hours performed by parents and community members. What this all means is that we need you. In the past, community members have helped us with many tasks, including:

  • Running the team as Head Coach
  • Running various events as Event Coaches
  • Chaperoning tournaments as Coach of the Day
  • Developing web tools
  • Fundraising through grant-writing and funds matching programs
  • Serving on the team Advisory Committee
  • Watching and critiquing practice rounds

We also hire college students to serve as judges on a by-tournament basis. Rates are negotiable depending on the tournament.

Contact Head Coach Julie Herman at for more information.

For Parents

When you login to your dashboard after your student creates an account, you will have access to the general parent volunteer form. Please fill this out so we can reach out to you!

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