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At MVLASD, we believe Speech and Debate (also known as “forensics”) is one of the most valuable activities a student can participate in. Why do we love speech and debate?


Speech and debate can take a student from good to great! Participants develop research skills, strategies that will help them on standardized tests, and the ability to speak in front of large groups with poise and confidence. Students also see dramatic improvements in writing organization, clarity and concision of speech and prose, and ability to think quickly, critically, and from multiple perspectives.


What is speech and debate without the quest for glory? Students learn to set goals, delineate the steps needed to achieve them, and then hit the ground running! Students gain maturity and self-care skills from managing themselves at tournaments, learning to take feedback, and aiming to be their best selves.


Students make lifelong friends in speech and debate! High school is a critical period for developing social connections, and forensics students often say speech and debate feels like a second home to them. Students have the opportunity to develop relationships not only with their peers at their high school, but also with students at schools across the nation and adult mentors in debate and other fields. Many students use their speech and debate connections to get jobs or admissions to prestigious programs.


Speech and debate provides students with myriad opportunities to serve and lead in their community. Students can participate in team governance, teach their peers, or volunteer to coach local middle school programs.

You don’t have to take our word for it!

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